Our brand, SONLED, established in 2006, produces decorative lighting accessories coupled with aesthetics and functionality. It is now online through our online brand, LightCRI. At the beginning of our journey, we set SONLED's Mission as “to prove high-quality products to our customers and meet indoor lighting needs in the most enjoyable way”. We now add the Vision of “establishing an extensive lighting family through LightCRI by reaching more and more interiors locally and globally”.

Dear customers,

As our SONLED story began with you, who use the products we produce, who experience the same joy as us, who are aware of how important the impact of ambient light is on our emotions, and who understand that light is not everything but a lot in indoor spaces.

One of our biggest dreams was to bring your favourite decorative lighting accessories to you directly via online platform. Thus, as LightCRI, we aim to continue visiting your interiors providing visual comfort and a sense of security to your indoor spaces, as well as adding concentration and productivity to your workspaces.


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